Top Hacking tools 2020

In this post i am going to share information about Top hacking Tools 2019.So lets get started.
Disclaimer:This post is only for educational and recreational purposes and not to be used for wrong purposes. This is just an information. How it is used it upto the users of it with their whole and sole responsibility on it. 

Hacking is one of the most important Field in 2019.There are Many hackers Came Into existence in the following years. Hacking is A very Essential Elemtent to Hack as well as Protect Form.
Today i am Going to share information about Top Hacking tools 2019.

Top Hacking tools 2019 are:


Metasploit Framework is one of the best tools used in 2019.It has a Latest release 3.0 Which is very useful.
This Tool is used by Ethical hackers for Penetration Testing. Blackhat Hackers also use this for Stealing data from others. They are The ones who use Metasploit for Illegal Purpose.

It is Developed in Ruby which is a Programming language by H. D Moore.

What is Metasploit?


It is a Information Gathering Tool used by Ethical Hackers To gather Information about the System, Ports, Hosts.
Nmap is one and only tool that will help you to gather any information about Computer such as its Operating system, Vulnerabilities and many more.

Linux is the best Operating System where you can Use Nmap but,You can Also use it in MacOs and Windows Operating system.

Nmap tutorial


It is one of the best Hacking tool in 2019.It is used by Hackers to get passwords of others by Doing Packet analyzing.
It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOs and Unix Operating system.

Wireshark Packet Sniffing.

4.John the Ripper

It is one of the best Tools for Password Cracking. John the Ripper has Many types of Tools Available for Password Cracking.
Firstly it was developed for Unix Operating system but, Now it is Available for more than 15 Platform.

John the ripper

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