TBomb Using TERMUX In Android With Tutorial Vedio

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SMS BOMB using termux - Tools & Scripts - tricknology.tk | Tutorials For Free, Guides ...

This trick can be carried out on both smartphone and laptop so please follow the rules strictly as mentioned


Disclaimer: This Is Only For Prank Purpose Do Not Attempt This To Ruin Someone.

follow the step
For Termux:
git installation methods are not universal and do differ between distributions, so, installing git as per instructions below may not work. Please check out how to install git for your Linux distribution. Commands below provide instructions for Debian-based systems.
To use the bomber type the following commands in Termux:

You Can Copy Paste Whole On Termux

pkg install pkg install update pkg install git pkg install python git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git cd TBomb chmod +x * ls ./bomber.py

  • Tutorial vedio is available now 

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