How To Phish With Blackeye

Phish for Social Media & Other Account Passwords with BlackEye With Tutorial Video

Social media accounts are a favorite target for hackers, and the most effective tactics for attacking accounts on websites like FacebookInstagram, and Twitter are often based on phishing. These password-stealing attacks rely on tricking users into entering their passwords into a convincing fake webpage, and they have become increasingly easy to make thanks to tools like BlackEye.
BlackEye is a tool to rapidly generate phishing pages that target social media websites, making it much easier to phish targets of opportunity on the same network. After redirecting a target to the phishing page, it's easy to capture passwords to social media accounts harvested from unwitting targets.

BlackEye for Social Media Phishing

Users place a lot of trust in their social media accounts. If the target doesn't have 2FA enabled, the ease with which an attacker can access them may be surprising. A single mistake typing a password into the wrong website can be all it takes to lose access to your account. BlackEye is a proof of concept that shows how these phishing pages don't need to be sophisticated or customized to work effectively.



Disclaimer: This Is Only For Prank Purpose Do Not Attempt This To Ruin Someone.

follow the step
 For Termux:
git installation methods are not universal and do differ between distributions, so, installing git as per instructions below may not work. Please check out how to install git for your Linux distribution. Commands below provide instructions for Debian-based systems.
To use the Blackeye Phishing pages type the following commands in Termux:

Firstly You Guys Have To Type This Commands In Termux.

pkg install pkg install update pkg install git pkg install python
pkg install curl
pkg install git
pkg install wget

After That...

You Guys Have To Install Ngrok In Your

Termux. For Downloading It You Have To Watch vedio

Just Given Below...

After Installing Ngrok..

You Can Copy Paste Whole On Termux

pkg install pkg install update pkg install git pkg install python
pkg install curl
pkg install git
pkg install wget
git clone
cd blackeye chmod +x * ls cd sites
After that Choose Which Phishing Page You Want.
(Eg. I want Netflix Phishing page So Type)
cd netflix

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