How to Hack Spotify Account using Termux?

How to Hack Spotify Account using Termux?

Hey guys, Welcome to our blog and today I am gonna show you to Hack anyone's Spotify using Termux. So let's get started...

Desclaimer: Only for Educational Purpose.

How to Hack Spotify Account using Termux?

  1. Termux
  2. A Tool Named Shellphish
  3. Most important thing Patience

So, First of all Download Termux which is available on PlayStore.

Turn Your Mobile Data On and open that app.

Let it be Installed and then Run these Commands:-

  • pkg update -y && pkg upgrade -y 

  • pkg install git php -y

  • cd shellphish

  • chmod +x *

  • ./

  • Now Turn your Mobile Data and Hotspot On and then follow these steps.

  • Type 7 and Hit Enter

  • Now Type 2 and Hit Enter.

  • Now wait a minute. After that you will get a link there.

  • Copy and send that link to your victim.

  • If he or she logins there then you will get his ID and Password on your Terminal Window.

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