How to Hack CCTV Cameras?

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How to Hack CCTV Cameras?

For Hacking a CCTV Camera first of all we have to understand the setup of a CCTV Hub. So, a CCTV camera cannot be installed seperately, I mean on any place there is not only one camera. There is Group of Cameras at least 4 cameras are connected through 1 DVR. So Whats is a DVR lets understand it okay?

CCTV Full Setup:

  1. Cameras,
  2. Monitor,
  3. Cables,
  4. DVR,
  5. Router,
  6. Wifi,
  7. Hard Drive,
  8. VNC Connector,
  9. DC Connector.

So lets Understand the use of these things:

The cameras are used for capturing footage as we know that right? But here is a question, and that is How a camera send pictures or footage to the monitor and saves into a Hard Drive? And the answer is... A camera is connected through two wires those are ...  1 wire is for Power Supply and another one is VNC Connector which is used for receiving videos and pictures. Those wire's first end is joint to the camera and second one is joined with DVR. And the DVR saves and display these videos to the monitor through HDMI Cable. But how it saves into the Hard Drive but the Mechanic configure the DVR with a Hard Drive and the Hard Drive receives and save it. But here's a question, How will the camera can be accessed online but I have it's solution and that is... The camera can be access online by the Router which is connected through the WiFi. and Now the Top most question is that, How can we hack CCTV Cameras?

So, first of all check that which company's DVR that school or Hub is using. Like many Hub uses Secura DVRs, Dahuwa DVRs, CP Plus and Hikvision. So I have a list of apps used to access those DVRs remotely like Hikvision's DVR uses HConnect to connect each other, Dahuwa uses gDMSS Plus, Secura uses RcCam View and CP Plus uses gCOMB HD app for Data interchanging.

So you need a simple thing which is the Serial number or QR code of any DVR and company name of the DVR then you can Download those company's client app and by entering serial number, default Username which is admin and by guessing the simple password you can easily hack a CCTV camera.

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