Different types of MITM Attack

Different types of MITM Attack

In this post i am Going to share information about Different types of MITM attack.
But first of All Understand the Meaning of MITM attack.I am Explaining it in the easiest way.

Disclaimer:This post is only for Educational and Recreational Purpose and not for other purposes.This is just an information.

An MITM or (Man-in-the-middle) attack is one of the most easiest type of attack one should know in this type of attack,The Attacker uses any type of Modem such as Wifi to interrupt the Victim.The Victim thinks that they are safe if they are using public wifi or any kind of public modem but the hacker does his work by hacking without the Knowledge of its Victim.
They can hack Credit Cards,Social media and Everything that the Victim uses on A Local Wifi.

Different Types of MITM attack are as Follows:


Every device capable of connecting to the internet has an internet protocol (IP) address, which is similar to the street address for your home. By spoofing an IP address, an attacker can trick you into thinking you’re interacting with a website or someone you’re not, perhaps giving the attacker access to information you’d otherwise not share.

2. DNS spoofing

Domain Name Server or DNS Spoofing is a Technique that forces a User to a fake website rather than Original one the user wants to Visit.
If you a a Victim of DNS Spoofing you make think you are Visiting a safe website when you are acgually interacting with Fraudsters.

3.HTTPS Spoofing

HTTPS meaning “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” it means that your data in these kind of Websites is Secure.In this MITM attack the Victim thinks that they are using a Safe website but it is not true.
The attacker can monitor with that type of Website and Possibly steal your Personal information you are sharing.

4.SSL Hijacking

When your Device connects to an Unsecure network indicated by “HTTP” the server can automatically redirect you to the secure version of the server,indicted by “HTTPS”.A connection to a secure server means Standard secure protocols are in Place protection the data you share with that server.
In SSL Hijacking,the attacker uses another computer and Secure server and intercepts all the information passing between the server and users computer.

5.Wifi Eavesdropping

Cybercriminals can set up Wi-fi connections with very legitimate sounding names,similar to a nearby business for example: A Cafe.
Once the User connects to Fraudster wifi the attacker will be able to monitor the online activity of the Victim and able to intercept login credentials,Payment card Information and many more.This is one of the several Risks using Public wifi.

6.Email Hijacking

Criminals sometimes target Email accounts of banks and other financial institutions.Once they gain access they can monitor transactions between the institutions and its customers.
The attackers can spoof the bank email address and then send their own instructions to the Customers.

These are the Different types of MITM attack.Visit Tricknology ;for more amazing stuff related to hacking and Technology.

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