Cheapest Hacking Machine | Raspberry Pi

Cheapest Hacking Machine | Raspberry Pi

In this post I am going to share information about Cheapest Hacking Machine | Raspberry Pi.
Disclaimer- This post is only for educational and Recreational Purpose.

What is This Device?

It is a Mini Computer with the help of which you can start hacking it is one of the most useful and Portable tool which you can take anywhere in this Universe.
It is Cheapest in the market and anyone who is interested in Programming,Ethical Hacking can buy this from E-Commercial Website i will be Providing link in the end.

What Things we can Do using Raspberry Pi?

A Lot of People on Instagram in Ask me a Question section ask me to tell about Best Laptop,Pc and Cheap devices for Programming and Ethical Hacking.
So,I would Recommend This Device with the help of which you can do these things:

1. For Ethical Hacking

You can Install Kali Linux in it to do Hacking.It is Portable,Everything such as Ram,Processor are available in it.


You can Do Programming with the help of this device it is very helpful for Programmers who want to do programming anywhere.
We can use Python Scripts,Do small Projects with the help of it.
In India,Programmers have to travel here and there because of Projects and many other things for this they can use this device to work comfortably and efficiently.

3.For Making Projects

Yes,This device is Very helpful of making Projects related to Programming,Ethical Hacking and many other things.If you want to make PDF Files,Build Projects for School,Colleges you can Use this Device to work Efficiently.

What all things You will get?

It is Cheapest Model of Raspberry you will Get These following things:
  • You get Inbuild Wifi and Bluetooth
  • 1 GB Ram
This post is not Sponsored.I have Written about this because it is very Helpful Device for IT People.

Things that you can Expect from it.

You can Hack Wifi with the help of this.If you want to edit word Documents you can also do this.
Also,There is HDMI port with the help of which you can connect your device with your Television and enjoy it.
What are you waiting for buy this Device from the link that i have Given above.
Thank you for reading this post

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