How to hack Wifi Password

How to hack Wifi Password

Today I am going to share information about How to hack Wifi Password in Non Technical Way,So lets get started.

Disclaimer : This post is Only for Educational and Recreational purpose and not to be used for wrong purposes.

How to hack Wifi Password :

I am Going to share a Story about How i Hacked my Friend’s wifi Password with his permission.But,First of all let us know why we are going to hack Wifi Password.
As it is the End of 2019 and A Lot of things has been Changed because of Jio and Airtel.
These companies has raised the Plans of our Usage and This led to many Problems to the users of Jio & Airtel.
Thus there is a Need of Wifi but our parents mostly in Indian Families they Dont allow their child to have a Wifi at home.That is the reason we want to hack wifi to use it day and night.

Companies like Jio And Airtel gives Internet but there is a Daily limit of 1.5 or 2.0 GB / Day.But,It is not enough for most of Us.
My Daily Internet Limit Reaches because i am very much addicted to Instagram,Facebook and Youtube.
I am 18 Y/O and I also want to Enjoy my Adulthood with these types of Applications😅.Thus,My Daily Limit reaches because of Memes,Stories and Videos.
So,Lets Get to the Point on How to hack Wifi Password
When I am 15,I had a Friend who had Tikona Wifi in His house.But the Problem was he didn’t knew the password🤦♀.
At that time,The charges were very high i do remember i had Airtel Sim card and for 1GB Data i had to pay 299Rs.That was a Huge Amount at that time.
I used to download Games which were very Big in terms of data.Thus,I end up with using that 1GB data in Just 2 Days.
I was Very much into hacking at that time also because i got to know about Wifi and this device can be Hacked.

2 Non Technical ways on How to Hack Wifi Passwords are:

Step 1.Guessing the Password
Yes,Guessing the Password can also be related to Bruteforce attack.
For Eg.I had a Friend Name Ajay He had a Wifi but he was very rude when i asked him the password of his wifi thus,i got a Solution of Guessing his Password.
He was Christian and He once told me that he always have 123 in the end of his password.
So,I guessed that He will keep Password related to God or anything.I had a tab in which i tried his Password as Jesus123.Guess What,The Password was Correct and that was the Moment i realized that i should take Hacking as a Career Option.
Thus,Guessing is the Easiest as well as one of the Difficult ways to hack anything let it be Wifi or Social Media.But,There is lot of fun when you get success in this.
Step 2: This is one of the Easiest step to Hack Wifi.
If you are hacking your friends Wifi you can do is take permission of your Friend so that you can do this with his permission too.
At the Back of Wifi Router there is a Button which you have to Press.
Open your Wifi in your Android/Ios device:

As you can See there is Advanced Option Below.Click on that Option.
After Clicking on that Option you can see there is Wps Connect Option like this :

Connect via WPS

Press the WPS Button of Your Router and Tap on Connect via WPS option wait for Sometime and you will see that the Wifi is Connected.#Enjoy😊.
This post was all about How to hack Wifi Password without Using any Technical Knowledge you just have to use your Brain to Hack the Wifi Thats it.

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