Why you should start Hacking

Why you should start Hacking?

This post is all about Why you should start hacking?
In this post I will tell you why you should Start Hacking in the year 2019.So,lets get started.

Why you should start hacking?

Scope of Ethical Hacking

2019 is the year where you can Earn a lot of Money.Ethical Hacking is A type of Hacking In Which you secure Big Business From Getting Exploit. Big IT companies need Cybersecurity Expert to secure their Database.
Ethical hacking Is one of the Best and Secured type of Hacking where you secure Others network,Database and Websites from which you can Earn a lot of money from them.
Facebook,Instagram,Amazon etc Needs Ethical hackers To keep them secure.They have Knowledge of Everthing which include Programming,Metasploit,Linux and Windows.

Hackers are Always Updated

Hackers are Always updated,There are new Vulnerabilities Which always occurs, thus Hackers have to keep themselves Updated.If you have learned about new things but not about Upcoming things then you will be in Trouble in The world of Hacking.
You should always Learn New things,Keep yourself Updated If you are Ethical Hacker. Every Professional Person always learn new things.If you follow your Passion then Everything becomes Easy for You to understand.

They always have to Evolve Themselves,You have to Research new things, Vulnerability and Everything which is related to Ethical hacking.

You Become Socially Strong

An Hacker is A good Social Engineer He is great at social Engineering.
The term “Social Engineering” is nothing but Manipulating Anyone to work at your Command. 95% of your Work is done by Social Engineering Skills whereas 5% work is of Technical Part.

Social Engineering will help you in Many ways. Politicians are very Good Social Engineers.You cannot it from anyone it will come from Inside you as Social Engineering is a game of Manipulating others.

Earning A Lot

Ethical Hackers Earn a lot of Money.If you are Working in a highly reputed company then, You can Easily Earn Money A lot.
It also Depends upon your Position.If you are Cybersecurity Head then your salary is very high whereas if You are non Experienced then Salary defers.

It also depends Upon the Country in which you are working because,If you are Working in a company Whose Currency is Very high then it will be very Beneficial For you in comparison of Indian Rupees.

You will have a Great Technical Knowledge

Ethical Hackers have a Great Technical knowledge.They Know Everything about Programming,Hardware and Software Components. They are Highly Educated People.
They are Familiar with Every Programming Languages.Thus,They are good Programmers.They can solve any type of Technical Problem.
If you want to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker then you Should Go to ec-council and Get Certification From There.But,Knowledge is not Limited you can learn Anything and Anywhere on Internet. There are many Courses Available From that you can learn programming languages.

A Hacker is a Individual Who Himself Creates his Programs and Uses For Penetration testing and For Many more things to keep others secure.

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