Whatsapp Hacked by Spyware.

Whatsapp Hacked by Spyware.

In this post I am going to share information about Whatsapp Hacked by Spyware. Do you Trust Whatsapp? Stay tuned and lets get started with what is Spyware?
Disclaimer:This post is only for educationaland recreational purposes and not to be used for wrong purposes. This is just an information. How it is used it upto the users of it with their whole and sole responsibility on it. 

What is Spyware?

A lot of People Tells you that you should not Download Application from Unauthorized source or we can say you should not Download it from Third Party app as it Contains Spyware.
So, The Question arrives what is Spyware?
Spyware can be a Software, Lines of Code or anything that you download from Third party app. It is also Available in Torrents.
The person who has build Spyware, Can steal your Data easily if you download it. Malicious lines of Codes which is present in you device helps them to steal your Device data.
As you download any data from Torrents or Third party App, You are also Downloading Spyware in Concession and whenever you turn on your Data,Spyware is installed and It starts working. This is the work of Spyware.

How to protect yourself from it?

  • Downloading Antivirus is the best way to Protect yourself from Spywares.
  • Mainly,Antivirus with premium subscription will help you a lot from Getting Hacked.
  • The third that that you should keep in your mind is,you should not Download any type of Application,Software,Audios and Videos from Third Party.
  • Antivirus like Quickheal and Avast are the best ones you should refer.

Whatsapp Hacked by Spyware

  • Yes, Whatsapp is Hacked by Spyware. The Origin has came from A Mexican Journalist. He claims that someone has Hacked his Whatsapp and Doing wrong things with it.
  • They were making Calls,Writing messages and does many things with it.
  • As we all know Whatsapp is Downloaded by more than One Billion People,Many people were Facing Problems thus Whatsapp had made Patch To protect from that Vulnerability.
  • As we all know Whatsapp is one of the safest Application which we can Easily rely on. They gives End to End Encryption to us.
  • Many people were affected by This Spyware attack but now we all are safe from that. Spyware is A high profile attack and Now, it is of no use for hacking whatsapp because they have made Patch for Spyware attack.
Always Update things which are Available on Your Appstore or Google playstore. Whatsapp has Updated their Application and They are now free from Vulnerabilities.
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