What is Dos attack? Explained with Example

What is Dos attack? Explained with Example

What is Dos attack? Explained with Example.
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What is Dos attack?

Dos attack or we can say Daniel of Service attack is one of the attack to down the Website.
Yes,With the help of Dos attack you can Down anyones website but,It is illegal to Perform Daniel of Service attack.

Explanation: In India,When Board Exams results come, the sites such as mah.gov.in and many other Government websites at result time becomes down.
This is because lot of students accesss that website and because of that the response of server becomes low hence,The site becomes down.
In other words,A website cannot hold a lot of traffic once but with the help of DOS attack.
A website gets unlimited traffic from undefined source at a particular time which leads to many Problems not only to the website but also to the server which is used by Website.
But the Question Arrives Is it Legal or Illegal?
It is legal to practice Daniel of Service attack to any website but you have to ask permission from the Business, Company if you want to attack.
It is not a Cyber Crime if and only if you have Permission. Otherwise it is at your Own risk.

How to Protect For DOS Attack?

We all know security is Myth but we can protect Ourself from Daniel of Service attack using Cloudflare. Many websites use Cloudflare to protect themselves for Daniel of Service or We can say dos attack.
Once the site becomes down it takes a lot of time to revive from that attack it is same as Reviving Other Player in Pubg when Someone is attacking you as well.

What is DDOS attack?

With this Image you can Easily understand About Ddos attack.
This attack is also known as Distributor Daniel of Service attack a Platform in which hacker uses Tor network, Loic and Many other things to attack.

In this Attack a website gets traffic from unknown sources from Many other places.
Hacker uses VPN, TOR network to Keep themselves Anonymous.
This Post was all about What is DOS attack
No one can Track them Except Senior or we can say Experienced Ethical Hackers.

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