Top 5 Ways to Grow Hacking Skills

Top 5 Ways to Grow Hacking Skills

In this post i am going to share information about Top 5 Ways to Grow Hacking Skills.
Hacking is a kind of Passion and Today Everyone wants to learn the skill of Hacking.Hacking into Others system Is Illegal but it makes us Feel Good.

Hacking, Social Engineering is the art and We should know this skill to help Others and not to fake others. So lets get started.

Top 5 Ways to Grow Hacking Skills are:


  • Books are Our best friends but our mentality has changed towards books.
  • We feel books are such boring stuff but it is actually not true.
  • Subconsciously,Books became our Rivals in life thats why we hate reading books.
  • But,Books are not really boring if it is related to our Favourite Topic.
  • There is always One book which seek your interest and for Beign a Good Hacker you should always read atleast one book
  • As is related to your skill,You will definitely get success.

2.Video Courses

  • Yes, Video Courses will help you a lot in growing your Hacking skill.
  • Video Courses of Hacking, Programming are Freely available on Internet through Videos, Youtube, Drive files and Many more Options are available.
  • You can Easily learn any type of Hacking through Video Courses.
  • Youtube and Many websites are the Best place to learn Hacking and Growing your skill.
  • There are many Popular Instagrammer who provides Video Courses.
Also, Udemy Courses are the most Popular ones From which we can learn Hacking.


  • Programming languages are the best friends of Hackers.
  • Creating Programs make you hacker”Mr.Robot.
  • If you create your Own Programs it will helo you to Grow your Hacking skill 10x faster.
  • You should atleast learn 3 Programming languages which will boost your skill.
  • There are many languages available its up to you which language you want to choose for Hacking.
You can learn Python as it is helpful in Trojan making. Java is also prefered for hacking.

4.Social Engineering

  • Controlling Anyones mind is known as social engineering.
  • Hackers are good Social Engineers.
  • This skill will helo you in Ever aspect of your life. Social Engineering makes your way easier in Hacking world.
  • Politicians, Government Officers, Hackers and Higher Authority people are good social Engineers.
  • Social Engineering is 90% of Hacking. If you are Amazing Social Engineer,Your work will become Easy.
Thus,You should learn social engineering skill to become a Professional Hacker.

5.Problem Solving

  • You will always get new problems Day by Day but you have to become problem solver.
  • This skill is always applied because in the world of Hacking there will be more and more difficulties.
  • You should work with your full potential and Solve your Problem accordingly.
You should Adopt These skills to become a Successful Hacker.

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