Top 20 Linux Commands for beginners

Linux commands are very much useful.As linux is Free to Download Operating system. It is Unix like Operating system.
Compared to Windows os, Linux is not Graphic User Interface(GUI) Opeating System but Command line Operation system Means it only depends on Commands.
Disclaimer– This post is Only for Educational and Recreational purpose and not to be used for wrong purposes. This is just an information. How it is used it upto the users of it with their whole and sole responsibility on it. 

This OS is used by Ethical Hackers, Penetration testers, Scientists as well as for Super Computers.
In this post i am going to share information about Top 40 Linux commands for beginners.So,lets get started!

Top 20 Linux Commands for beginners are as follows:


This is used to check the Existence of File. Means, File is available or not is checked using this Command.


This Command is used to check the status of battery and Acpi Info.


This Command is used for IPC(Intelligent Power Management)


Command the shell to replace one string with another string while executing the commands


Handling of Package is done by this command. It is most used commands in linux. Because we need to install packages thus,this is used.


This command is used as Spell Checker in Linux Operating System.


This command is used for Command line checker and it is also used as bad words in Hindi language😂😂.Indians will get it what this means.


It is used to redline binding and Variables.

If you will go through my recent posts i have used this command many is used to change the current directory.


This is very useful command used as changing the mode of a File.


This command is used as changing the root directory.


If you type clear Command in your linux You will see the Terminal gets clear.


This command is used to exit the shell.


This command is used to find the directories, Files and Many more.


With this Command you can create methods or Functions


It is used to eject a Media which can be removed by using the software.


It is used to start Classes or Printers.


This command is useful to execute the commands which are available in bash itself.


This command is used to maintain hash table on Exec. Programs.


This command is used to configure the resident internal networks of Kernal.
These were the Top 20 Linux Commands for Beginners.There are many other commands to learn and Execute.

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