How to hack Gmail account

In this post i will be sharing About How to hack gmail account.
Disclaimer: This post is Only for Educational and Recreational purpose and not to be used for wrong purposes. This is just an information. How it is used it upto the users of it with their whole and sole responsibility on it. 

Hacking someones gmail account is not that easy you will have to be very cleaver while doing so.
If there is Two factor authentification then you will require victims mobile phone to hack account because there you will get otp.
You will require 2 Steps to hack gmail account they are as Follows:

1.Phishing Attack

How to Do it:

I will be using termux and Shellphish to create a Phishing link because it is the easiest way to hack Gmail account.
Termux application is the Terminal Emulator of Linux Operating System you can Download it from Google Playstore.

Termux application available in google playstore

B)Update and Upgrade
It is one of the most important commands of termux.Type these things which are Above in the Image.
C) Install Git
Type “Pkg install git” to install Git.It is very Important to Install this Package.
D) Installing PHP
Then you have to type pkg install php to install php in Your device.
E) Installing Wget
To Install Wget you have to Type “pkg install wget”.
E) Clone Shellphish Git
To install Shellphish github repository of Thelinuxchoice type:
After you have installed Everything you have to change your Directory type,cd shellphish to change Directory.
After you have Changed directory type bash
You will see this type of Terminal where you have been given these 19 options. Choose Option 06 for Gmail.
After Choosing this option you will get to see Choose a Port Forwarding option Choose option 1( type Default 3333.
A link will be Created like this:
Share this link to the Victim using your Social Engineering skill.
2.Gmail Spoofing
Gmail Spoofing is a Technique where you can send Phishing link to anyone with any Gmail account.

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