How to hack Facebook id with Termux

How to hack Facebook id with Termux

Facebook is Widely used platform in this Universe,People share Information,Talk to each other and Do many more things using facebook. In this post i am going to share information about How to hack Facebook id with Termux.
Disclaimer:This post is only for educational and recreational purposes and not to be used for wrong purposes. This is just an information. How it is used it upto the users of it with their whole and sole responsibility on it. 

How to hack facebook id with Termux:

1.Download Termux from Playstore

Termux is available in Google Playstore Only Download that application from Playstore.

2.Installing all Packages of Termux

After Termux is Downloaded,Type the Commands:

1.apt update && apt upgrade(for Updating and Upgrading your termux).

Then you have to download git,Type

2.pkg install git.

After Git has Installed,Type
git clone
This is Git of Thelinuxchoice The attack that you will do is known as Phishing Attack.
Phishing is a type of Attack where you share links to the Victim Using Your social Engineering Skills and Hack into their Account Easily.
After Shellphish is Installed you have to type:
Ls to list storage.
Then it will should like this:
Then you have to Type commands they are:
  • pkg install openssh
  • Then you have to type cd shellphish
  • After that type bash
  • After that you will see this type of things.
There are many Options they are:
[01] Instagram [09] Origin [17] Gitlab
[02] Facebook [10] Steam [18] Pinterest
[03] Snapchat [11] Yahoo [19] Custom
[04] Twitter [12] Linkedin [99] Exit
[05] Github [13] Protonmail
[06] Google [14] WordPress
[07] Spotify [15] Microsoft
[08] Netflix [16] InstaFollowers
You can Select Any of the Options But for facebook you have to type Option no 2.

Then it will ask you to choose SSH tunnelling or Ngrok.
You should select 1st option which is of Serveo. Net for Port Forwarding after that A link is Created.
Share that Link with Anyone or You can Try at yourself First If it is working or not.
That was one of of hacking Facebook id with termux.Second way to hack Facebook id are as follows:


This is Another way to Hack facebook id with termux you just have to do is Install Github repository that is Favourable for this attack. The steps to download that git are as follows:
1.Update & Upgrade your Termux.
Type apt update && apt uograde to Update and Upgrade.

2.Installing Python2

To install python2 type “pkg install python2″ To install Python2 in your Termux application.

3.Install git

Type “pkg install git” to install git.

4.Clone git

Type “git clone”
After You have cloned git you just have to make a Wordlist.
You can see FBBrute over there Type “cd FBBrute” and “python2 fbbrute. py”

5.Install Nano

“pkg install nano” to install nano after installing it type “nano pass.txt” to make a txt file and type the password that you have guesssed to hack Victims account.
In Bruteforce attack you have to guess the password of your victim to hack their account nothing more than that.

6.Hacking with Bruteforce

After Following all those Steps Mentioned above you just have to Type “python2” after doing this just type their Email id and Pass. Txt you will automatically get the password if it is correct.

How to Prevent from Hacking

1.Set Difficult Passwords
Setting Difficult passwords are one of the best ways to prevent yourself from hacking.Passwords that you can easily remember but hard to hack are the type of Difficult passwords.

2.Two Step Verification

Two step verification is very useful because if someone has hacked your account dont worry two step Verification will never let them to hack your account. Because in two step verification they will require OTP which is in your no.So you will be safe from Hackers/Crackers after using Two step Verification.

3.Changing Passwords Regularly.

Change Passwords Regularly to Protect yourself from Hacking.Atleast once in a Month you should change your Social media Account Passwords.

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